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How We Got Here

A wife and husband team striving to fulfill their dreams and serve the community. The Tipsy Bookworm represents all the things we’re passionate about. Combining a fully functional Used Bookstore with a unique Craft Beer and Wine bar the Tipsy Bookworm is a distinct outfit that couldn’t be more excited to call Plant City it’s home.

Matt first found his loves for books from his beloved Grandmother, Meme, and was fostered by incredible teachers. Dani always found escape and beauty in reading and has many times found herself completely lost in Bookstores being completely absorbed by her love for the books around her. Combining all of that with Matt's history as a Professional Brewer and in community work, The Tipsy Bookworm became a quick dream with a lot steps to actually get there.

We are so grateful for the support we've already gotten and are so proud to be bringing what we love to it's perfect home in Plant City, Fl. To be able to create the kind of place we've always dreamed of, surrounded by an incredible city and community, this is truly a dream come true.

A place to quench thirsts of all kind, whether they be for wisdom, alcohol, friends or anything in between. All are welcome!

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